Найгарніший дах світу

 "Найгарніший дах світу".

Запрошуємо Вас разом з FAKRO взяти участь в конкурсі "Найгарніший дах світу". 

Для участі в конкурсі потрібно надіслати нам фото даху та піддашшя спроектованого Вами, а також заповнений бланк учасника. 

В конкурсі приймають участь будинки, дах в яких збудований в перод від 01.09.2015 р. по 31.08.2017 р.

Анкета учасника (заповнюється англійською або німецькою мовами)

Умови конкурсу

The International Federation for the Roofing Trade IFD will also award this year the prizes of the IFD AWARD 2017.

The four categories.

 Pitched roofing This includes: - roof coverings with large sized roof covering elements e.g. fibre-cement corrugated sheets or - roof coverings with small sized roof covering products e.g. roof clay tiles, roof concrete tiles, natural slate, fibre-cement roof sheets, bitumen shingles, wooden shingles, reed or thatch. This does not with metal products as well as the load bearing structure e.g. roof framework from wood.

 Flat roofing For this competition we understand flat roofing as - Roofs with waterproofing from bitumen-, plastic- or elastomeric-sheets or –membranes and liquid applied roof waterproofing. Flat roofs must not be flat necessarily.

 Metal roofing Metal roofs we understand for this competition as Roof covering on gentle sloped or pitched roofs from small or large sized metal roof products e.g. corrugated metal sheets, metal bands and metal sheets or panels on wooden structure, self supporting small sized metal roof products or trapezoidal sheets as top layer resp. sandwich panels

 Facade/Wall cladding Facade includes the whole area of coverings and claddings of vertical outer walls with small sized or large sized products or elements, also with metal. Usually the products are back-ventilated, but also industrial constructions e.g. with sandwich panels are part of this. Walls, curtain walls and facings e.g. from bricks are not in this category.

Extra marks or also extra awards can be given for special initiatives, and for the challenges that were resolved in the duration of the project, e.g. at reconstructions.

Who can participate? Every roofing contractor which is member of one of our national roofing associations! The filled in registration forms and the documents should preferably be submit by IFD-full members, IFDguest members or IFD-Co-operating partners (national associations). 2 We also welcome submissions by IFD-partner members if the membership of the executing company in the relevant IFD-full member association is proven. Exceptions will be decided by the IFD-board.

Deadline date: Thursday, 31 st August 2017 Please ensure your entries are returned by this date to be considered! Please complete and return the relevant forms and enclose the required documents and details.

 All entries should be for a project with a completion date between 1st September 2015 and 31st August 2017. When the project started is not important.

 Not more than four projects per category may be entered by each submitter.

 Each project must have its own registration form, be fully completed.

 A project with smooth transitions, e.g. from facade to roof with one material, can only be entered in one category (by decision of the submitter).

 A building with strictly separated area (e.g. flat roof with bitumen sheets and facade with stone sheets) can be registered in more than one category.

Please complete the registration form and specify the roofing contractor involved. The contractor must be a member of at least one of the IFD member trade associations.

Languages Only registrations in German or English are accepted. Other languages are not allowed.

Photographs Photographs are essential for the entry. So it is necessary to send in minimum four, maximum 10 clear hi-res photos as JPEG data files that show the work in detail.

This must enable the judges to appreciate your work. Please send photos either via email, better using a cloud (e.g. Wetransfer) or a USB memory stick.

Judging: Judging will be undertaken by the panel of independent professionals from the IFD, nominated by the IFD General Assembly, overseen by and with the collaboration of the IFD board. Judging will take place in September/October 2017. The judges’ decision is final and no further correspondence will be entered into.

Winners’ ceremony: Four projects in each category will be nominated worthy for honor by the judging committee after the deadline but prior to the congress. The nominees will be informed and can partake at the winners´ ceremony. The nominees can/shall present their objects during the whole IFD Congress from 18th to 21 st October 2017 on presentation boards or similar.

The winner of each category will be announced at the Gala Evening of the IFD Congress 2017 on Friday, 20 th October 2017 in the Town Hall of Vienna. The winners get their awards from the IFD board.

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